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San Diego and Imperial County Chapter of PORAC November 2016 General Election Voter's Guide Recommendations

It's Time to VOTE!!!

The following is the voter guide from the San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter of PORAC. Read your Official Voter Information Guide and vote wisely. These people and issues can and will affect you for years to come.

San Diego-Imperial PORAC Chapter Local Voter Guide

California State Assembly

AD 71 Randy Vopel AD 75 Marie Waldron AD 76 Rocky Chavez

AD 77 Brian Maienschein AD 78 Todd Gloria AD 80 Lorena Gonzalez

California State Senate

SD 39 Toni Atkins


CD 50 Duncan Hunter CD 51 Juan Vargas

CD 52 Scott Peters CD 53 Susan Davis

US Senate

Kamala Harris

City of Chula Vista

Mayor Mary Salas

City Council Seat 2 Steve Padilla

City Council Seat 2 Patricia “Pat” Aguilar

City of El Cajon

Mayor Bill Wells

City Council Gary Kendrick

City of Oceanside

Mayor Jim Wood

City Council Esther Sanchez

City Council Linda Gonzalez

City Clerk Zack Beck

Tri City

Medical Board Leigh Anne Grass

City of San Diego

City Attorney Robert Hickey

City Council District 9 Ricardo Flores

San Diego County Board of Supervisors

District 1 Greg Cox

District 3 Dave Roberts

City Of Santee

Mayor John Minto

City council Mason Herron

San Diego Unified School District

District B Kevin Beiser

District C Michael McQuary

District E Sharon Whitehurst-Payne

City of Vista

City Council Cody Campbell


Prop 1 YES Prop 61 NO

Prop 2 YES Prop 62 NO

Prop 51 YES Prop 63 NO

Prop 53 NO Prop 64 NO

Prop 56 YES Prop 66 YES

Prop 59 YES
Benefits and Open Enrollment
Introducing IDShield and LegalShield